Cape Cod’s community radio station is looking forward to celebrating 40 years with public events in 2022

Provincetown, MA, March 22, 2021: Lower Cape Communications’ station WOMR is celebrating 40 years on-air, the community radio station revealed today, though the current celebration will be low-key due to the ongoing pandemic. The milestone will be marked in 2022 with more activities and events.

WOMR’s first on-air broadcast was on March 21, 1982. In the five years leading up to that broadcast, the station applied for a license, raised money to purchase necessary equipment, and fought a “petition to deny” opposing the license application filed by WLOM (Orleans) with the FCC. “It was a long and difficult process,” acknowledges John Braden, WOMR executive director. “But these people were committed and determined, and we’re all grateful to them for being the pioneers of community radio on Cape Cod.”

Braden is looking forward to 2022, when the station will be able to throw itself a memorable and in-person birthday party. In fact, WOMR is looking to produce a series of events to celebrate its 40 years on the air, including an open house allowing donors and listeners to view the new equipment purchased after an 18-month capital campaign. The open house was originally scheduled for the spring of 2020, when one of the recording studios was to be dedicated to former board member and spoken-word host Susan P Lindquist. 

“While we were very much looking forward to showing off our beautiful new studios, it’s simply going to have to wait another year until the pandemic is behind us,” says Braden.  

Originally broadcasting at 1000 watts, the station moved from 91.1 on the FM band to 92.1 in 1995 and boosted its output to 6000 watts. In 2010, the station erected a repeater antenna in the town of Orleans (WFMR) at 91.3 FM. 

“We’re excited about celebrating this important milestone, which is a testament to the community’s support of the station,” says board President Bruce Bierhans. “And we’re looking forward to 40 more years bringing the community what it needs—news, music, and spoken-word programs without commercial input. We have fantastic volunteers, amazing underwriters, and a community that is continuously growing. The future looks great from where I’m standing!”

About WOMR/WFMR: WOMR is a noncommercial, nonprofit educational community radio station offering an eclectic blend of music and spoken-word programming since March 21st, 1982 and broadcasting from Provincetown, Massachusetts—making it “outermost radio.” WOMR is not affiliated with any educational institution and derives its financial support from listeners, businesses and funding organizations. More information at

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