WOMR Announces International Women’s Day Programming

Cape Cod’s only community nonprofit radio station’s programming raises awareness on women’s issues while highlighting artists

Provincetown, MA, February 26, 2018: Cape Cod’s community radio station, WOMR, is pleased to announce programming for International Women’s Day, to be celebrated on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Round-the-clock programs include music, comedy, exclusive interviews, and more, all of which planned, created, and hosted by women. Over a dozen WOMR women DJs are contributing to this celebration.

Many countries celebrate International Women’s Day as a national holiday, and WOMR honors that tradition. This year’s theme is a strong call to #PressforProgress, motivating and uniting friends, colleagues, and whole communities to think, act, and be gender-inclusive.

You’ll hear rock and roll, Latin, folk, Celtic, South Asian, and other global music, opera, classical music, and more. Special guest Tret Fure will sing live for us and share her musical journey.

Spoken-word programs encompass interviews with local artists, musicians, poets, activists, and community leaders. Special guests are globally-recognized, Cape-based writers Marge Piercy and Lauren Wolk.

International Women’s Day on WOMR offers an amazing number of opportunities for listeners to join us, to laugh and to learn, and to celebrate women’s voices. You can listen to WOMR at 92.1 fm and 91.3 fm. The International Women’s Day schedule is at WOMR.org where you can also stream our programming.

For more information, and to join the worldwide celebration, visit the website www.internationalwomensday.com, and follow WOMR’s local activities on Facebook at facebook.com/IWDWOMR.

About WOMR/WFMR:  WOMR is a noncommercial, nonprofit educational community radio station offering an eclectic blend of music and spoken-word programming since 1982 and broadcasting from Provincetown, Massachusetts—making it “outermost radio.”  WOMR is not affiliated with any educational institution and derives its financial support from listeners, businesses, and funding organizations. More information is available at www.womr.org.