The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation continue to create, update, and evolve our COVID-19 vaccine resources and programs to ensure you and your members have the information you need to navigate this critical phase of the pandemic response and get back to business.Please continue reading below for the latest vaccine guides available through the COVID Vaccines Digital Resources Center and the Rally for Recovery effort.

The Best Ways for Employers to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines: Click here to view a one-pager with helpful tips and tactics for employers to communicate effectively about vaccines. Additional vaccine communication guides can be found in the COVID Vaccines Digital Resources Center.
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Mask Guides: Recommendations for Wearing and Selecting: Click here to view a comprehensive guide with information about why mask wearing is still critical in reducing the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and what you should look for and avoid when selecting a mask based on the CDC’s latest guidance.
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The information in the guide about selecting a mask is also available as a standalone graphic here
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To receive the latest guidance and resources to help employers inform and protect their employees, communicate to their customers, and support their communities, please click here to join the Rally for Recovery effort.
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To learn more about Rally for Recovery, visit and direct questions to [email protected].
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