Sustainable Travel

Help keep Orleans beautiful

Orleans takes pride in its natural resources. With shorelines on the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay, along with our fragile marsh and estuary environments, freshwater ponds and conservation lands, Orleans boasts and incredible variety of plant and aquatic habitats.

While you’re here, we want you to enjoy our natural gifts. But please keep a few guidelines in mind during your visit:

  • Park only in designated areas; respect private property.
  • Pick up after yourself and your pets, using available receptacles. While boating, dispose of floatable plastic and fishing lines/lures properly.
  • Do not approach or feed local wildlife.
  • Do not walk on sand dunes and tread lightly on marsh grasses.
  • Driving on beaches is prohibited without an over-sand vehicle sticker, available from the Town of Orleans. Fishing licenses also available at Town Hall.
  • Launch boats from Town Landings and obey speed limits and other safety rules.

If you’re renting a vacation home and will be with us for a week or longer, please observe the following:

  • Use water conservatively; please don’t over-water your lawn.
  • Check with your home’s owner about recycling schedules.
  • Our underground aquifer is sensitive; refrain from flushing medications or toxic products.
  • When possible, use eco-friendly products for your lawn.
  • Check with the town before making alterations to the landscape.

Additional conservation information is available at, under Community Preservation Committee.