On Thursday, July 17th 2020, Mid-Cape Home Centers participated in E.J. Jaxtimer’s Charter Cup Fundraiser. This fundraiser brings local businesses all over the Cape and Islands together to support community non-profits of their choice. This year, Mid-Cape Home Centers will be fundraising on behalf of Cape & Islands Veteran’s Outreach Center (CIVOC).

Year over year the E.J. Jaxtimer Charter Cup Fundraiser grows a significant amount. More businesses get involved, more non-profits are sponsored and more people come together to donate. The day of the Charter Cup, E.J. Jaxtimer announced on the deck of Baxter’s Boat House that the Cape Cod businesses came together to raise over $150,000 for local non-profits. Despite this year’s unprecedented challenges, the community support on Cape Cod continues to flourish.

This year Mid-Cape hosted a variety of different fundraisers to reach their goal while fundraising for CIVOC. The biggest being a silent auction, which raised nearly $3,500. The most unique fundraiser Mid-Cape hosted was the “Flag a Yard” Fundraiser. In this event, people were invited to make a $25.00 minimum donation and in return, flag a friend. Flagging consisted of about 36 American flags of various sizes being placed in a family member or friends’ yard. Often times, these people were veterans, making the gesture even more powerful. Another large portion of the funds raised came from the Mid-Cape team themselves. Leadership and team members alike got behind this great initiative and donated straight to the fundraising campaign, bringing the total funds raised to just under $15,000.

In total, Mid-Cape and the Mid-Cape community came together to raise just over $14,900 for Cape and Islands Veteran’s Outreach Center. These funds will be allocated towards the Veteran’s Home Campaign put forth by CIVOC. The most prominent being the new Veteran’s Home being built in Dennis, Ma. This home will consist of five bedrooms and be a safe haven for homeless veteran’s in Dennis. CIVOC’s goal is to replicate this project across all 15 towns on Cape Cod. Providing this space for veterans will give them a proper foundation for a life of independence that they most certainly deserve.

Mid-Cape Home Centers is in its 125th year of business on Cape Cod and the South Shore. Today more than ever, Mid-Cape is dedicated to providing the building supplies that will help southeastern Massachusetts remain one of the best places to live in America. More than just a lumber and building supply company, Mid-Cape’s specialty is experience that builds. Experience that builds convenience, experience that builds trust, and experience that builds communities.

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