State House News – The check will be in the mail.

State and local governments in Massachusetts are set to receive about $7.9 billion in direct aid from the latest round of federal stimulus, and U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch said Monday that the state should see that cash around the second week of May.

“The $350 billion for cities, towns, states, counties and tribal governments should be going out within, I would say, 45 days, thereabout,” he told the New England Council.

“And those checks go out to the states, just for efficiency reasons. But the amounts are given to each city and town by formula … so it is merely an administerial function on the part of the state.”

In Massachusetts, counties, cities and towns are expected to get about $3.4 billion in federal aid through the American Rescue Plan Act on top of $1.8 billion in assistance for K-12 education.

Lynch said the mayors and town administrators in his district are eager to get the federal funding. While state government has not cut its share of aid to cities and towns, indicating that “tax revenues have dropped off precipitously in the cities and towns, so they are in desperate need of funding just for first responders, just for the core costs of dealing with the pandemic.”

On Tuesday, deputy director of the National Economic Council, Bharat Ramamurti, will brief the new House Committee on Federal Stimulus on how Massachusetts and its municipal governments stand to benefit from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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