068Sundays thru September 6th in Wellfleet

Comedian and commentator Jimmy Tingle returns to Wellfleet this summer with another topical, yet timeless, one man show and social enterprise,Humor for Humanity with Jimmy Tingle. This summer’s show includes a profit sharing component for Cape Cod nonprofits as part of hisHumor for Humanity mission.  Among the local charities benefiting from the show are The Animal Rescue League in Brewster, where Tingle visited this week.

From the record-breaking snowfall of winter to the rising tides of summer – from legal pot and technology to the new pope and 2016 presidential candidates, Humor for Humanity with Jimmy Tingle will make you laugh, make you think, and make you grateful.  You can help nonprofits while enjoying yourself. 

Tickets are $25.00 and available at http://www.jimmy tingle.com.  A portion of the ticket price or additional donations can be allocated to the participating nonprofits listed on the ticketing page at the customer’s discretion.

Ever since Johnny Carson first introduced Jimmy Tingle on the TonightShow in 1988, and long before Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert or Louis CK, Jimmy has remained a “stand out in stand up,” specializing in political humor and social commentary.  For years, Boston comedy and theater fans have known what Jimmy Tingle does—with Humor for Humanity, he hopes to expand his comedic footprint and show audiences a glimpse of why he does it.

After earning a Masters degree from the Kennedy School of Government in 2010—and giving one of the funniest and most original commencement addresses in Harvard’s 378 year history—Tingle has decided to go global. 

Humor for Humanity aspires to be more than just a comedy show.   The summer series in Wellfleet will continue the rollout of Jimmy’s newest social enterprise and business idea.

Humor for Humanity with Jimmy Tingle — More than Entertainment!  Tingle explains “Our mission is to use comedy, commentary and conversation through social media, radio, television and live events to raise spirits, funds and awareness for nonprofits, charities and social causes.  Our Mission is Their Mission”.

“We aspire to be of service to many worthy causes and organizations that need support, and create meaningful win/win/win relationships,” says Tingle. “Yes, we know humor entertains, but it does so much more.  Through this new enterprise, we want to show that humor can help, humor can heal, and above all, humor offers hope and can help make meaningful change in the world.”  Humor for Humanity! Humor and Helping, Humor and Healing, Humor and Hope-HaH! HaH! HaH! HaH!

The Wellfleet shows will partner with area nonprofits and engage and use the shows for purposes beyond simply entertainment.

 Show and Free Parking at:

1st Congregational Church UCC

200 Main Street

Wellfleet, MA

 For more information visit www.jimmytingle.com



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