As a result of recent decisions made by the Massachusetts state government, employers may be faced with two significant decisions regarding situations involving their employees.
The first one involves employee(s) separating from employment and the disposition of the employee’s accrued vacation time, the second one involves how to ensure that someone is identified as an employee of an essential employer.

Voluntary Accrued Vacation Time Agreement
The Voluntary Accrued Vacation Time Agreement presented below is based upon a policy decision made by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office (the office that enforces Massachusetts wage and hour laws) stating that an employer and employee may voluntarily agree to let the employer maintain the employee’s vacation time and earnings on its books instead of paying them out to the employee at the time of furlough. Having a written record of such an agreement between an employer and employee over wages will provide the employer and employee with a clear record of a decision made at the time of separation.

Essential Employee Verification Form
The Essential Employee Verification Form is merely a written affirmation that the employee holding this document works for an employer that has been identified as an essential business during the Covid – 19 stay in place time period.

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