On March 3rd the Community Development Partnership will host a workshop designed to help you get more done during the Cape Cod summer season. The workshop will take place from 5:30 to 7:00 at the CDP offices in Eastham.

Registration is required with a fee of $25. For more information or to register online visit capecdp.org/upcoming-events. For questions please contact Pam Andersen at [email protected] or call 508-240-7873 x18.

The workshop entitled “Stop the Chaos: 3 Tips to a Successful Busy Season” will be hosted by Helen Kosinski, a professional coach with 15 years of experience. If you’re like many local business people, you love the rush of the crowds on the Cape during the summer because the financial rewards are what sustain you through the year. However, when it comes to staying sane during the busy season, well, that’s another story.

Learn simple, yet powerful, tips to increase your productivity and keep your sanity during the upcoming Cape Cod busy summer season.

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