Old CG36500

Featured in "The Finest Hours"

From the 2015 edition of Truly Orleans Magazine

As surely as shadblow blooms, the herring run, and daffodil blossoms are buffeted each spring by ocean-iced winds, a day arrives when the fourth graders of Orleans Elementary School board a big yellow bus and bounce around the town.

This is a perennial event; a rite of passage sponsored by the local Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank.

Historians Bonnie Snow, Stacia Croteau or Diane Greaney gives the tour. The students see where sea captains lived, and the militia trained for the nation’s earliest wars. They rumble past a church founded by Pilgrims, and the site of a former windmill owned by the family that built King Arthur Flour. Around the town they go until they roll up to Rock Harbor, where Orleans refused to pay a ransom to protect their saltworks, an act which led to the Battle of Rock Harbor during the the War of 1812.

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Summer Home: June through October – Rock Harbor, Orleans
Winter Home: November through April – Nauset Marine East
To confirm location check with the Orleans Historical Society

Historic Markers

Placed around town at sites of historic significance are markers. The “anchor” marker is located in front of Snow Library, and in three panels, tells the story of the town’s origins, founding, incorporation, and naming. Markers memoralize the coming of the railroad to Orleans, Rock Harbor Academy, the origins of Snow Library, the Old Methodist Burial Ground, the Old Post Office, and the Old Firehouse. Historic Markers depicting the Lifesaving Heritage of Orleans will be installed soon at Nauset Beach. To find the markers, see this map. To learn more about the historic markers project please visit their website.