Farms of Cape Cod 300dpiOrleans, MA — Photographer and author Stephanie Foster will sign copies of her new book, Farms of Cape Cod on Saturday, December 21 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Old Firehouse, 44 Main Street, Orleans. Selections from her recent photography exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Art will be on display. Her book of humorous essays, Snacks for the Brain, will be available along with handmade lavender products. The books, museum quality photographs, and soothing lavender goods make great locally inspired and produced gifts for oneself and for others.
Foster said, “Over a decade ago, I became a master gardener and began growing flowers for farmers markets. As a journalist and photographer I had a natural curiosity about my fellow farmers and what led them to such a surprising lifestyle on the Cape. The beauty of their purpose and strength of belief in the land resulted in this book. It took two years to photograph farms from one end of the Cape to the other. Now I hope these hidden jewels can be enjoyed by all.”

Cape Cod farms create beautiful landscapes, provide nutritious food, and connect us to the land. As the desire for local, organically grown food flourishes and the locavore movement grows, it is important to know where our food comes from. Farms of Cape Cod reacquaints us with our cultural heritage and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the wonders of farming. Twenty-eight unique farms are profiled, with harvests ranging from cranberries, lavender, and grapes to livestock, holly, and shellfish. Each farm’s address and operating information is provided, as well as information about their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions. This beautifully illustrated book also offers “Tips from the Top,” the farmers’ proven ideas on planting, growing and cooking.

Stephanie Foster is represented by the Addison Art Gallery. Located at 43 South Orleans Road (Route 28), Orleans, the nationally respected Addison Art Gallery is know for its community support. For more information, please call 508.255.6200 or visit

Quotes about Farms of Cape Cod

“The grow local movement is perhaps the most inspiring and powerful expression of people’s strong desire to reassert control over our land, our economy, our health, our lives. Stephanie Foster knows this because she has long been part of it, and that in itself is special enough. But because she is such a strong photojournalist with such a compassionate soul, and because her Cape Cod roots are so deep, she translates that movement into intimate, personal images that will grace my coffee table for years to come.” — Dan Wolf, Massachusetts State Senator from the Cape and Islands

“Stephanie Foster’s photography and writing capture the essence and passion of farming on Cape Cod.   Her portraits document the joy and beauty of a simple life, well lived on this precious peninsula.  It’s a happy book, like a sunny summer day full of lush landscapes, lavish still lives and penetrating portraits that linger on the mind.” — Michael A. Giaquinto, Curator, Cape Cod Museum of Art

“If this book were a song, it would be a hit. Foster’s photographs and narrative mesh like a melody and words that are perfectly suited to one another. To see the photographs is to read the words. Farms of Cape Cod captures the vibrancy of our historic farms as well as the dynamic energy of the new ones. See how farmers from one end of the Cape to the other are meeting the explosive demand for local, healthy fresh food through farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture, and farm stands.” — Gus Schumacher, former Commissioner of Food and Agriculture, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

” ‘And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God made a farmer.’ — Paul Harvey. Stephanie has captured that sentiment with her striking images of rural life and Cape Cod agriculture. This book of stunning photography gives the reader a look at a lifestyle that once was, and still exists throughout Cape Cod. Society has moved from the front porch to the internet, and we continue to lose contact with mother earth. Heartfelt thanks to Stephanie for capturing it for us.” — Leo G. Cakounes, Farmer and Past President of the Cape & Islands Farm Bureau

“You have given so much to everyone who reads the book, educating about the many exciting and beautiful agricultural enterprises across the Cape. You have created a beautiful piece of art  that highlights the importance of our local food to community. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, it is incredible meaningful, important work. Thank you, thank you for ALL you have done in bringing this labor of love to fruition for all to enjoy!” — Francie Randolph, Founding Director, Sustainable CAPE- Center for Agricultural Preservation & Education

“Cape Codders were farmers before they were fishermen.  Farms are a vital part of our open Cape landscape, as much as our salt marshes, ponds, and native heathlands.  Farming connects our people to our land, both in the production of crops and in their consumption.  To preserve Cape Cod, we need to keep wildlife in our woods and farmers on our farms.” — Mark H. Robinson, long-time Cape Cod land conservation advocate

Artist Bio
When Stephanie Foster attended New England School of Photography, she was told to never stop taking photographs. She didn’t. For 14 years, as a creative director in Boston, she did both the photography and copywriting for her clients. Later she turned her talents to fashion photography, working at a Newbury Street studio. She also appeared on WBZ as a glft consultant and tipster. When she moved to the Cape, her interest shifted to nature photography, landscapes and portraiture as well as writing about the real world.

Stephanie has been a columnist and photojournalist for 20 years. She received awards for her photography from Grand Circle Travel and Parade Magazine, and has garnered numerous regional and national awards for humor and serious column writing, lifestyle features, health reporting, environmental coverage and color photography.

In 2010, her solo show The Dune Shack Experience at the Cape Cod Museum of Art drew crowds from throughout New England.
Her work has been highly reviewed in magazines and newspapers throughout the region and is in the permanent collection at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Brooks Academy Museum in Harwich exhibited her collection of work titled Familiar Faces and Places.

Stephanie is the author of Snacks for the Brain, a book of humorous essays.

A world traveler, she has taken photographs in Africa, Iceland, China, Thailand, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Prague, Austria, Slovakia, Budapest and Malta. At home, she is a devoted gardener and grows flowers from seed to sell at the farmers market in Orleans. A master gardener, she also writes a garden column for the Cape Cod Times and occasional features on art and food. She lives in Harwich.

Artist’s Statement
My goal is to find the beauty in life and then share it. I’m attracted by light and color and the stories they tell. The beauty is fleeting, there for a moment, then the light shifts, the colors change and it is gone. Sometimes the image is captured by the the lens. Other times only by eye and the soul.

About the gallery
“One of the most successful galleries in the country” astounding “the public with art by newly discovered artists and masterpieces by established artists.” — American Art Collector

“Housed in a beautiful and quaint old red house, the gallery’s charming appeal draws visitors from around the world to its doors. Once inside, the exciting and resplendent artwork beckons collectors to walk slowly through its warm and cozy interior to take in each and every painting along the way. It is no surprise then, that the Eastern Regional Exhibition was such a hugh success.” — Oil Painters of America. The Addison Art Gallery is the only gallery in Massachusetts to ever hold an Oil Painters of America Show.

“Addison has introduced outstanding American artists, such as Rick Fleury and Paul Schulenburg, to collectors from coast to coast, in addition to bringing Olivier Suire Verley to the U.S. market.” — American Art Collector

“The gallery of choice for a large number of collectors, as well as the home of some of the most sought-after artists on Cape Cod.” — Cape Arts Review

“Only the most riveting of talent”   — Insider’s Guide to Cape Cod

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