A survey of 511 opt-in visitors in the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce database was completed Tuesday 5/19/2020 and indicated a strong desire for travel to the Cape Cod region in summer 2020.

Ninety percent of responses were from potential travelers aged 45 to 65+ years, with 85% having visited Cape Cod within the last two years. When asked when they would make a return visit to the Cape, 67% said Summer of 2020. A slightly lower amount (61%) said they would visit in Fall 2020.

Average planning time has increased, however. In the last decade, a domestic visitor would book as close as 24 hours before traveling to the destination. This weeks’ survey shows the planning time as three to 12 months before a visit.
When asked what they would do while here, the top answers did not vary from prior surveys: visiting friends and relatives was followed by going to the beach and outdoor recreation.

When asked preference of accommodation, the predominate choice at 40% was a hotel/motel, followed by 30% preferring a short-term rental and 20% said staying in their own home was their plan. The majority (80%) reported they would stay more than 2 nights.

This year’s survey included questions about what safety steps are most important to help visitors feel comfortable attending future events, staying in a hotel or inn, visiting a museum or cultural institution, and eating at a restaurant. Here the responses varied slightly depending on the venue; well-promoted facility cleaning and sterilizing practices were cited as most important for events, visiting a museum or cultural institution and accommodations, while social distancing and outdoor dining options were cited for eating at a restaurant. In all cases, hand sanitizing and face coverings ranked high as well, but were not the top responses.

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