State House News – All Massachusetts residents ages 16 or older will become eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine by April 19, the Baker administration announced.

Residents 60 or older and certain workers became eligible yesterday. Residents 55 or older and those with one qualifying health condition will become eligible April 5 and the general public will become eligible April 19.

“The Administration has received assurances from the federal government that an increased vaccine supply will be available to states soon,” Baker’s office wrote in a press release.

“Depending on supply, it could take weeks for people to be notified that an appointment is available at a mass vaccination site.”

President Joe Biden said last week that he was directing all states to make all adults eligible to be vaccinated no later than May 1. Baker’s administration had planned to make the general public eligible for vaccine doses sometime in its final rollout phase, which has long been scheduled to begin in April.

Baker’s office also announced a new $24.7 million investment in its Vaccine Equity Initiative meant to “increase trust, vaccine acceptance and administration rates … and to meet the needs of priority populations.”

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